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E and other steroids seem to temporarily reduce the amount of diarrhea in microscopic colitis but they do not resolve the inflammatory process and diarrhea usually returns when the drugs are tapered or stopped. The only other drug studied in this condition but one showing the best promise for control of diarrhea, resolution of colitis, and prolonged remission is bismuth subsalicylate (pepto bismol). I have shown in a published pilot study that bismuth subsalicylate can resolve diarrhea and histologic colitis in patients with microscopic colitis (published in the journal gastroenterology in january 1998, volume 114, pages 29-36). In this study, twelve patients were treated with eight chewable 262 mg bismuth subsalicylate tablets per day for eight weeks. Patients recorded the frequency of bowel movements daily. 48-hour stool collections and flexible sigmoidoscopy with biopsies were carried out pre- and post-treatment in each patient. Eleven had a resolution of diarrhea and a reduction in fecal weight. cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale cheap generic viagra buy viagra viagra online buy cheap viagra cheap viagra online The average time to respond was two weeks. Nine patients resolved their microscopic colitis on biopsies during the eight week period, and another did so subsequently. The response was the same whether or not patients had subepithelial collagen thickening. Subepithelial collagen thickening, when present pre-treatment, disappeared. An example of this response is shown in the figure below. Those completing the trial experienced no side effects. Post-treatment follow-up for 19-40 months reveals that: eight patients remain well having had no further treatment; three are well but required retreatment; one has continued diarrhea but is improving with our newest treatment regimen. (more information on this will be forthcoming. ) building on this pilot study, i designed and carried out an nih-funded, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of bismuth subsalicylate for the treatment of microscopic colitis. The protocol called for the same 8-week treatment period that was used in the pilot study. Treatment with either nine 262mg bismuth subsalicylate or eight placebo tablets per day was begun after baseline stool, blood, and colonic tissue specimens are obtained. The treatment period was followed by repeat stool, blood, and colonic tissue specimen analysis. 2. viagra natural vigor-x